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IZW-OF61572 Power On/OFF Plug Monitor - EU

Main Features


1. AC output
2. For most household electrical appliances
3. Via Z-wave Controller to control or manual switch
4. Protection and Control
Maximum output load: 600W, 60Hz
Voltage input: 220VAC
Motor load: 1/2 HP
Impedance load: 15A




  Plug Monitor - EU
Frequency Range  868.42 MHz (IZW-OF01572-CN/DE/FR/IT / IZW-OF61572-CN/DE/FR/IT)
 869.00 MHz (IZW-OF01572-RU / IZW-OF61572-RU)
 908.40 MHz (IZW-OF01572-CL/US / IZW-OF61572-CL/US)
 919.70 MHz (IZW-OF01572-KR / IZW-OF61572-KR)
 922-926MHz (IZW-OF01572-JP / IZW-OF61572-JP)
Operating Range Up to 100 feet line of sight
Operating Temp. -15°C~ 40°C (5°F~104°F)
Power source 100~240VAC
Max. Load: 1800W for 110VAC
3600W for 220VAC
Certication Z-Wave Certification: BR / EU / IN / JP / US Certified
CE / FCC / TELEC (Japan) / NCC (Taiwan) Certified
Frequency Availabe : BR / EU / IN / JP / RU / US Version Available
Package Contain 1pc Plug-in Type Appliance On/Off Module
1pc User Manual
All specifications are subject to change without notice.


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