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360 Degree for Tracking Every Moment

Ordinary surveillance cameras have been unable to fully meet the needs of various industries for more personalized and higher quality monitoring. Now a panoramic camera can replace multiple ordinary cameras, and it can be seamlessly monitoring and applied to various locations, including prisons, government agencies, banks, social security, public places, cultural places, etc. The 360 ​​degree panoramic surveillance camera can meet the strong demand for no blind spot high quality video.



Advantages of panoramic cameras


1. Ultra-wide view without blind spot


A 360-degree panoramic camera can replace several ordinary cameras, allowing you to view the entire space directly, and the surrounding images are fully visible at once, completely reducing blind spots.


2. Effectively reduce costs


To install a camera in a wide-area view, it is only necessary to set up an iCATCH panoramic camera at the center of the space, which can meet the surveillance needs of various directions in one place, which can effectively save the cost of the hardware and installation.


3. Intelligent functions


On the basis of the large scene and full angel of view of the panoramic camera, it also enhances the ability of detail monitoring. The intelligent functions of the iCATCH panoramic camera include: Face detection, Cross-line detection, Intrusion detection, Region entrance & Exit intrusion detection, Object removal detection, Scene change detection, and Audio exception detection. The audio and video alarm events from all sides can be fully grasped at one time.


iCATCH can take the full range of IP Camera and IVR with plug-and-play function, it can omit complex settings, anyone can easily install successfully, and reducing installation time and installation staff training costs. It is completely possible to plan a simple and perfect solution for customers according to their various needs. If you are interested in this product information, please visit the iCATCH website  http://www.icatchinc.com or write to [email protected], we will send someone to explain for you.