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The new professional IP cameras

iCATCH International has introduced a new IP camera that meets the needs of more surveillance solutions.  It does not require complicated wiring, and offers a choice for different places. These are your best choice.



The new professional IP cameras main features are:


IR Network Fisheye Camera

  • 360 degree panoramic image


50× Network Laser Speed Dome

  • 50× Optical Zoom, 16× Digital Zoom
  • 6.6 mm to 330 mm, Working distance up to 1500m


Varifocal Dome Network Camera

  • User can set the number of queues to be detected
  • Detect three queues at the same time


Thermal & Optical Network Bullet Camera

  • Bi-spectrum image fusion, 8 display modes, eq. picture in picture preview
  • Only detect fire points and living creatures, can be used for border protection
  • Up to 10 fire points detectable


IR Fixed Turret/Bullet Network Camera

  • Based on deep learning algorithm, detect only people and cars, reduce false alarm


Explosion-Proof Network Dome/Bullet Camera

  • Housing material: stainless steel 316, ATEX and IECEx explosion-proof certifications
  • Supports 6 behavioral analysis, 2 exception detection and face recognition


Anti-Corrosion Network Dome/Bullet Camera

  • Housing material: stainless steel 316, Anti-Corrosion Standard: WF-2, NEMA 4X, C5-M
  • Star light image Sensor, IR detection distance up to 80 meters


Please click on the following URL to view the details.



All professional IP cameras, according to their features, are suitable for refineries, gas stations, chemical plants, retail, restaurants, factory buildings, shopping malls, schools, farms, nuclear power plants, prisons, airports, warehouses, factories, thermal power plants, etc. They are flexible and widely used.


In iCATCH's products, Each IP Camera and IVR has different functions and prices. It needs to be flexibly applied according to the needs of each scene to maximize its value. If you are interested in the product information, please visit the iCATCH website  http://www.icatchinc.com or write to [email protected], we will send someone to explain for you.