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What is the difference of IP66, IP67 and IP68?

It is rated by the result of experiment which made a environment According to International Protection Marking (IEC 60529), the standard is clarified by the level of withstanding the circumstance of stagnant pure water.


IP66 enclosure is dust tight and protected against heavy seas or powerful jets of water; IP67 enclosure rated as dust tight and can be put in the 150mm-1000mm deep water for 30 minutes. If the environment for cameras is under the chance of being in the water for a short time, IP67 would be suit for you. If not, IP66 would be sufficient. iCATCH has various cameras for different cases and circumstances, we always provide trustable quality of products for you.



However, we are now have advanced of IP level of waterproof for cameras, IP68. It guarantees protection in water up to 1500m deep for half an hour. In the product line of iCATCH there are different functions and prices of cameras or IVR, applying the proper IVR/Cameras in different cases. Welcome to get in touch with iCATCH, we will plan the best solution for you.



If you are interested in the product information, please visit the iCATCH website http://www.icatchinc.com or write to [email protected], we will send someone to explain for you.