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Smart Function-Object Removal Detection


The Object Removal Detection function refers to whether or not an item is taken in a specific area of ​​the setting. When an item is found to be taken, the relevant personnel can quickly take measures to reduce the loss. Item picking detection is most commonly used in museums where the item needs to be monitored. Suitable for museums, jewelry exhibitions, boutique stores, antique shops, airports, etc., especially with the increase in crime rate, the demand for public security is even stronger, so all countries in the world have listed item monitoring technology as an important function.




In iCATCH's products, the Intrusion Detection function uses advanced computer image processing technology to provide real-time and active intelligent image analysis. Each IP Camera and IVR has different functions and prices. It needs to be flexibly applied according to the needs of each scene to maximize its value. If you are interested in the product information, please visit the iCATCH website http://www.icatchinc.com or write to [email protected], we will send someone to explain for you.