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Smart Function-Intrusion Detection

With the development of technologies such as high image quality and wireless network transmission, internet surveillance system is becoming larger and more features. Intrusion detection also has directional and regional differences. For different applications and environments, the demand of behavior analysis will be different. The Line-crossing Detection function introduced earlier is to detect directional behavior, and the Intrusion Detection function is to prohibit access to the designated area.



For offices, warehouses, treasury and other types of key detection areas, it is necessary to set a specific range for monitoring. Therefore, iCATCH adds the Intrusion Detection function to IP Camera, and users can draw several specific areas in the live monitoring screen. When the camera detects a person or object entering forbidden zone, it will send an instant notification with a set alarm. If the “Event Recording” in IVR is enabled, it can only recording when the alarm is triggered and the bandwidth and storage requirements can be reduced to improve the system efficiency.



In iCATCH's products, the Intrusion Detection function uses advanced computer image processing technology to provide real-time and active intelligent image analysis. Each camera and IVR can set can set a limited number of areas and lines for monitoring, so flexibly apply according to the needs of each scenario to maximize the value, please contact us immediately, we will do the most complete planning for you. If you are interested in the product information, please visit the iCATCH website http://www.icatchinc.com or write to [email protected], we will send someone to explain for you.