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Smart Function-Line Crossing Detection

In recent years, the advancement of surveillance technology and the improvement of algorithms, more and more intelligent functions have been applied to surveillance cameras. Intelligent functions have become a new generation of detection alarm trends, compared with traditional detection alarms, intelligent detection. More accurate and more accurate.


For important areas such as construction area, warehouses, border defenses, entrance, etc., there are required to monitor specific behaviors. Therefore, we have added the Line Crossing Detection function to the IP Camera to set the user-defined virtual line for important areas. It is suitable for detecting certain boundaries, such as riverside, fenceside, and doorway, roads, etc.



Line Crossing Detection means setting a virtual line in the LIVE view screen and setting the direction at the same time (one-way prohibition or two-way prohibition can be set), and an object or person crossing the line will trigger an alarm. For example, a line can be set on the road surface, and an alarm will be triggered when a vehicle or people pass through the user-defined virtual line.



The above picture shows the LIVE view screen. When the two-way prohibition line is set, the object will trigger an alarm when it crosses the line from the A side to the B side, and vice versa. If the “Event Recording” in IVR/DVR is enabled, it can only recording when the alarm is triggered and the bandwidth and storage requirements can be reduced to improve the system efficiency. All iCATCH IP Cameras feature ROI (Region-of-Interest) - key area image quality adjustments, especially for enhanced image resolution in key areas, so that no matter whether it is a critical moment or a critical area, the defense is impeccable.


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