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Plug-and-see Without Complex Settings

Our most important job is to reduce the burden on our customers. The IP Camera and IVR have high video quality and easy installation wiring. However, the network settings have certain technical thresholds and the price is high. Many users are daring not make strides for entering the Internet era. The iCATCH latest IP Camera and IVR, it breaks through the operational requirements of complex settings in the past, and develops an economical and easy-to-use Competitiive series. Every iCATCH IP Camera and IVR can be Plug & Play and automatic connected. The following is a brief introduction for you.



In iCATCH IVR, the Virtual Network allows the iCatch IP Camera to automatically obtain IP. When the IP Camera and IVR are not activated and are not powered, connect the IP Camera to the IVR, then turn on the IVR power supply and immediately connecting. No action required, IVR will show the live view on screen. Everything is so simple, allowing customers to control at any time. Please click on the following URL to watch the demonstration.


Please click on the following URL to view demonstration of the operation.



If you want to continue to purchase iCATCH IP Cameras, it should be noted that the IVR network settings must be enable statics IP and virtual network. If your IP Camera has already been activated, we also provide software to reset the IP Camera and then plug & play.


iCATCH can take the full range of IP Camera and IVR with plug-and-play function, it can omit complex settings, anyone can easily install successfully, and reducing installation time and installation staff training costs. It is completely possible to plan a simple and perfect solution for customers according to their various needs. If you are interested in this product information, please visit the iCATCH website http://www.icatchinc.com or write to [email protected], we will send someone to explain for you.