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Smart Function- Face Detection and Face Recognition

With the advancement of GPU and the advent of the era of big data, people are looking forward to using technology to improve our lives. In recent years, “deep learning” has brought revolutionary progress in various fields. In computer vision, "deep learning" has led to various types of identification systems: from keys, access cards, to face feature recognition. The face is the most convenient method for all identification systems because it does not require physical contact or make additional movements.



“Face Detection” is to distinguish whether the object is "human face" or not; “Face Recognition” is to distinguish the "real identity" of people, these two technologies occupy a place in the surveillance system. The primary task of Face detection is to find out whether there are human faces, crowd density, and people's flow. In addition to security protection, it also filters out "non-human" objects and reduces false alarm. Face recognition has recently become more prominent, crime detection, access control, shopping management and even facial expression detection are common applications. At present, products with dynamic face recognition have been developed, and people can complete the identification without waiting for a pause.



Among iCATCH's products, the full range of face detection and recognition cameras have low illumination level and WDR, whether it is day or night, cloudy or rainy, dusk, direct sunlight and no light. Face recognition cameras have dual-lens stereo imaging and anti-counterfeiting. User can input black and white list, it can be created to identify strangers and VIPs. It also has an electronic shutter that recognizes faces even when you are walking. It is suitable for airports, MRT, banks, commercial buildings, etc.




iCATCH's international full range of IP Cameras are all plug-and-see, avoiding complex settings and making it easy for anyone to install. With different application scenarios and needs, we have a suitable solution that can be recommended to you. If you are interested in our product information, please visit our website at http://www.icatchinc.com or mail to [email protected]