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IFSEC 2019 London, UK Exhibition

iCATCH’s booth in IFSEC International 2019 was in the conspicuous corner, over 100 people visited iCATCH in the first day of the exhibition, iCATCH exhibited the IP cameras which have the functions of the latest Artificial Intelligence, besides  AI Cameras, there is an upgraded version of H.265 IVR/DVR and smart CDS cameras.



Technologies change with each passing day, Artificial Intelligence is taking place as a result, we have integrated the AI technology into the system of cameras, within innovative smart function, like face detection, line crossing detection, intrusion detection, unattended baggage detection, object removal detection and scene change detection, AI ameras with various focal lengths and resolutions which can fully meet the needs of various types of projects, we always have the completely solution for you.



All the IVR and DVR are upgraded to H.265, they are plug-and-see products, high resolution and outstanding stabilities. When the IVR/DVR works with iCATCH AI series of IP cameras, you will have an unexpected satisfied experience.


Smart CDS camera, which uses OSD to adjust pyroelectric infrared detector and IR brightness, it gets clear pictures even under the condition of lacking of light 24/7. It also avoids getting blurred images from the dust in the night mode.



If you are interested in our latest products in IFSEC International 2019, please visit iCATCH website: http://www.icatchinc.com or email to [email protected]; even if you are not able to visit iCATCH, you can still get the first hand information.