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Controllable of every movement in darkness.

The surveillance security is becoming necessary equipment for everyone, not just home, backyard, garage or the store, cinema and park. Especially in the dark alleys, the lack of sufficient light might causes crimes and it is hard to detect. Due to the security of dim places, the IR distance of a camera is pretty important in some situations. The visibility at night as a camera plays a role in the security of neighborhood.


To keep your safety under surveillance 24/7, iCATCH cameras all support IR filter. No matter day or night, we offer clear and crispy images. Furthermore, there is no need of any extra casing to avoid the rain or dust, IP66/IP67 water&dust resistance is served. No more complicated settings and frustration, you will figure out it is easy to guard your home.



      ● IN-SD1214Z-E  50× Network Laser Speed Dome:

● up to 1500m laser distance

● 6.6 mm to 330 mm

● Zoom Speed 4.5 s


● IN-AB0233Z-A-H  Anti-Corrosion Bullet Camera:

● Housing material: stainless steel 316, Anti-Corrosion Standard: C5-M, NEMA 4X

● Starlight Camera

● up to 80m laser distance


● IN-VD8233Z-P-/L  Varifocal Dome Network Camera:

● You can set the number of queues to be detected according to your needs. You can detect three queues at the same time.

● Starlight Camera

● up to 30m laser distance


● IN-BLQ211Z-P  IR Fixed Bullet Network Camera:

● Based on deep learning algorithm, detect only people and cars, reduce false alarm

● up to 80m laser distance


● IN-PT2214Z-A  50 x Laser PTZ Positioner:

● Low illumination, good performance at night

● Eight fixed ROI region for each stream

● up to 1000m laser distance


In iCATCH's products, Each IP Camera and IVR has different functions and prices. It needs to be flexibly applied according to the needs of each scene to maximize its value. If you are interested in the product information, please visit the iCATCH website   http://www.icatchinc.com or write to [email protected], we will send someone to explain for you.